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Musyawarah: Adaptive Democratic Value for Catholic Leadership in Indonesia

by Paulus Wiryono Priyotamtama - ISBN: 978-602-9187-9187-47-2
Believed to be one typical local wisdom in Indonesia, musyawarah is an art of consensus that has the capacity to shape the authentic Indonesian democratic system. Musyawarah: Adaptive Democratic Value for Catholic Leadership in Indonesia documents the narratives of four Catholic lay activists of the conuntry's farmer and fisherman co-op Sekretariat Pelayanan Tani dan Nelayan Hari Pangan Sedunia and five Catholic leaders of rural community development Bina Swadaya.These lay activist-leaders received their formative inspiration from the Netherland-born Jesuit John B. Dijkstra, SJ. who later found Ikatan Petani Pancasila as part of his reflection on musyawarah. At the height of Indonesian nasionalism in the 1950s, their stories and lived experience may shed light on the dynamics and spirit of various groups and communities at the grass root level who mutually integrate their Catholicism and nationalism.
This book thus makes a compelling reading for anyone interested in leadership training designs using the musyawarah spirit as the democratic core system within the multicultural society of Indonesia. (Dr. Novita Dewi)
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