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Reflecting Teachers’ Real Life Stories: Problem-Based Learning For Preservice Teachers

by Paulus Kuswandono - ISBN: 978-623-7379-96-6
This book is intended to be a re_lection source for Pre-Service English Teachers (PSETs) in Micro Teaching Class. PSETs' ability is not only seen from their ability to teach with their good command of English pro_iciency, but also seen from their ability to infuse the students' soft skills. The targeted soft skill to acquire after learning from this book is the students' ability to improve their problem-solving skills in facing classroom complex issues in the teaching and learning process. The crucial goal of problem-based learning in this setting is to improve the capacity of PSETs to be able to solve authentic complex problems in a school context by being active decision-makers. As a re_lection source, this book does not provide answers or solutions to the problems raised in the narratives. Instead, the students are asked to actively explore their imagination, feelings, and cognitive rationale to approach the problems from different angles and perspectives
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